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    Susan Attar
    Get on top of your Country by Country Reporting Compliance...
    Topic posted June 28, 2018 by Susan AttarBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited June 28, 2018, tagged Country by Country, Tax Provision 
    Get on top of your Country by Country Reporting Compliance using Oracle Technology

    Do you recall the effort needed to collect the relevant Country by Country Reporting (CbC) data, and subsequently the activities needed to aggregate, visualize and convert to XML for your actual filing? Are you confident that you have full insight into the process? Moreover, are you able to track back to the origin of data and comments inserted into the CbC report in case the tax authorities inquire?

    We will show you how Tax Reporting Cloud Service can help you to get on top of CbC Reporting by gaining full insight into the relevant CbC data as well as being in control of the end-to-end process. This is a future-proof solution as it will not only address the current compliance requirements but is developed to be able to cope  with upcoming developments.

    Learn more about:

    • How to ease data collection, aggregation and processing of data;
    • Ensure full auditability and traceability
    • Gain insight into your company, including relevant CbC ratios
    • Convert to country specific XML for your actual filing
    • Have full control and insight into the end-to-end process along with workflow capabilities

    Watch the recording of the webcast: