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    Rakesh Soni
    APICS Gateway failed with private service endpoints.
    Topic posted May 29, 2019 by Rakesh Soni, tagged API Platform, APIs, Gateways 
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    APICS Gateway failed with private service endpoints.
    The APICS gateway doesnt worked with any thirdparty services(on-premises)

    Hi All,

    I have one question on APICS architecture design with any third party services, when APICS Gateway and third party applications are installed on On-premise and have open connectivity from gateway machine to third party application server.

    I have faced one critical issue during testing APICS with third party APIs. When APICS Gateway does not allow to work with any On-premises services hosted on client intranet environment.

    My APICS Gateway node is installed on the client intranet and have accessible from APICS Cloud.

    The third party application is also installed on the client on-premise area without public access. The gateway unix have open connectivity between third party and endpoints are accessible from unix gateway machine(wget command).
    But, when I have tried same through Oracle APICS API call, the solution is not worked on intranet based endpoints.

    Now, I have question, do we really need to consider third party services on public internet rather than on-premise (private) access?

    Any suggestions?