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    Escalation challenge - reoccuring daily escalation and cust...
    Topic posted June 7, 2012 by Hans Silver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Escalation challenge - reoccuring daily escalation and cust notification after 1 week


    I have a challenge: I want to have a daily escalation that assigns the incident to no one (i.e. 'unassign') so that they can be pulled again from the queue.

    But I also want to have an escalation that sends the customer an 'apology mail' after one week (relative to working hours).

    The problem is that the daily escalation overrides continously the pending escalation that should be set for the 'apology mail' after 1 week.

    Have you experienced the same issue? If so, how did yo solve it?

    Thanks in advance!








    • Michael Bailey

      You could use a custom integer field that could count the number of times the 'unassign' escalation has been triggered without sending a response. It would read something like:

      Unassign Escalation:

      • IF escalation level = 'Unassign'
      • THEN set assigned = 'none', set custom integer field 'increment by 1', clear escalation level.
      Reponse Sent (to clear the integer field is a response is sent by an agent):
      • IF status = 'Solved'
      • THEN set custom integer field = 0
      Customer Apology:
      • IF custom integer field = 7
      • THEN send apology email.
      Using this method, you only have one esclation (the unassign) running and you're using that escalation triggered 7 times to send the apology email.
      Hope this helps!
    • S Tivoro


      Hi Michael,

      This is really great - thanks a lot!

      I'm going to configure and test it.

      Best regards,




    • Hans

      Hi Michael,

      Have tested this and unfortunately it was not working as we had hoped. The issue now is that once it has been run through the escalation in a pending state and then after the escalation has been set, there must be another trigger to set the next escalation.

      The only way I could find out is to define a next escalation level as escalation action, doing exactly the same but then with a different name:

      Schedule escalation 1,2,3..8.

      Escalations 1-7 have an unassign action, escalation 8 will send the apology mail (the reason for 8 times is that they are not working on Sunday and therefore this escalation should not count for sending the apology mail after 1 week (working days). When an agent sets the incident to solved (i.e. by responding), it will clear the escalation.

      So, with some modifications the idea is still the same.







    • Charles Lickly

       Good Day Hans,

      You would have to use two different escalations to have them alternate between each other.  I have a reoccuring notification that will go on indefinitly as long as the incidnet is not "SOLVED" 

      1) Have a rule that calls the eacalation function based on your conditions.

      2) Within the function you have 3 Rules
                A) Call out Initial Escaltion "Reoccuring 1" based on the Interaction Creation
                B) Send Email Apology AND Escalate to "Reoccuring 2" (make sure you use the Relative to NOW and revalidate)
                C) Send Email Apology AND Escalate to "Reoccuring 1" (make sure you use the Relative to NOW and revalidate)

      3) It should alternate between Rules B & C until the incident is set to solved status.  This isn't exactly how we have it but it should work.