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    Including CC in Email Submission creates Incident
    Topic posted July 25, 2018 by Todd Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Email 
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    Including CC in Email Submission creates Incident

    We are experiencing an issue that when customers sends an email to create an incident and they also cc other people.  Now when those people reply all to the email string it creates another incident because of our service email is in the email chain and is obviously not an incident and doesn't have any info in the subject line.

    Anyone experience this or any possible solution.




    • Jess Campbell

      This is happening in Techmail? If so, we had such a terrible experience with this in the beginning. We ended up basically forcing all of our interactions through AAQ forms, rather than direct email. It was simply too hard to stop reply all.

    • Todd

      Thanks for your input Jess.  We do use AAQ and chat but more importantly techmail as we have quite a few service emails/mailboxes that support various lines of business.  We just haven't figured out a good way to eliminate these duplicate incidents.


    • Moshe Raviv
      Hi, The configuration setting EGW_SECURE_UPDATE_MODE (that's how it's called since version 17D) should be able to help you. You can decide whether you want to allow any email to update incident, block this option altogether or restrict it to contacts only.