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    Dave Bentley
    Changing someones status on the Global opt in setting from...Answered
    Topic posted May 29, 2019 by Dave BentleyRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Changing someones status on the Global opt in setting from "no" back to "yes"
    Looking for support to a question I couldnt find on the forum about re-adding a customer to the global opt in list when they unsubscribed by accident

    hi everyone

    We have a customer who queried why they were not receiving mailings from us. It turns out they had clicked an unsubscribe link on one of our previous emails and they have requested for us to take them off the suppression list in order for them to receive mailings again.

    Is there a process whereby we can reset the clients status so that their global opt in setting allows us to send maillngs to them again?

    it may be one of those obvious questions but im struggling to find any answers about re-subscribing someone.

    thanks in advance


    currently using 18C ( upgrade to 19A imminent )

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    Mary Gilbert

    You'll need to update the field:  contacts.ma_opt_in.  You can do that with an editable report, a data import, or a workspace that has that field visible.