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    Madhurya Pathirage
    Automatically Generate Pick Slip for each Movement Request
    Topic posted January 27, 2018 by Madhurya PathirageGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points, tagged Inventory Cloud, SCM 
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    Automatically Generate Pick Slip for each Movement Request
    Automatically Generate Pick Slip for each Movement Request


    Client has a requirement to automatically generate Pick Slips for each Movement Request. Currently, the Print Movement Request Pick Slip Report is scheduled to run every 5 minutes. Hence, the Pick Slips are being created automatically. However, the created Pick Slips contain lines of multiple Movement Requests. However, the requirement is to generate a single Pick Slip for each Movement Request. How can this requirement be achieved? 





    • Glenn Loveday

      Hi Madhurya

      When you run the scheduled Print Movement Request Pick Slip Report, I assume you are setting the 'release approved lines' = Yes?  If so this is creates a pickslip from available lines and the only way you can group is by using the Manage Pick Slip Grouping Rules - however there is no option to group by movement request.  Generally my customers set up a rule to group on Source Subinv - the rules can be set on Shipping options and or a parameter on the pickslip report, I have not seen the requirement to print one pick slip per MR before - except on adhoc basis in which case the pick slip is run manually for the specific MR.

      One option you could consider is to modify the Print Movement Request Pick Slip Report output to order / group lines by MR and to page-break on each new MR.  Often the report is modified anyway to add more information or alter the layout - so some additional grouping would be fairly simple.


      • Madhurya Pathirage

        Hi Glenn,

        Thank you for the information. Yes it is run with the release approved lines parameter set to yes. I was planning to modify the Pick Slip report as you suggested but wanted to confirm whether a standard solution exists for the same.



    • Lynn Warneka

      There is an active Service Request (SR) that it looks like you have logged on this issue.  SR 3-16740698081.   What you are trying to achieve should be possible and we have asked Support to log a Bug so development can look into it further.   Thanks.