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    Priyadharshini Udayakumar
    Using OPA for Online examination
    Topic posted December 6, 2016 by Priyadharshini Udayakumar 
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    Using OPA for Online examination

    Hi,  We have a requirement of creating online examination and getting it validated. Based on the validated it has to be integrated to our HRMS and the candidates will be selected.

    How can OPA be used in this scenario?

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    • Paul Howard

      Hi Priyadharshini,

      This is quite an open ended question and there are a lot of variables.

      • You could make the questions all multiple choice, then using the rules you could set values and add these up to give a pass/fail mark.
      • If the values are numeric, you could specify with rules whether the answers are correct, and if correct again tally up to give a pass/fail based on the mark received.
      • If the questions are text, I don't see this being easy to do, but you could try to use the rules to pick up the text values and again assign values and tally up to give a pass/fail mark.

      If human intervention is allowed to give a pass/fail, then you could record all results in a form, have this create an incident and then attach this as a pdf to be reviewed.

      If you can provide some further info - this would help massively.