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    Paul Parkinson
    Configuring Reoptimization in Routing
    Topic posted July 7, 2017 by Paul ParkinsonRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Configuring Reoptimization in Routing

    Hi All.

    We are now ready to expand on our routing plans to include Re-optimization. Tests so far are looking really good and we are keen to implement. However, we need to handle one condition (presumably in the filters). We want to exclude the next pending job in the technicians queue from the re-optimization.. Has anybody done this or have any ideas how we might achieve this?

    Many thanks in advance.




    OFSC 17.2



    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Paul,

      As far as I know this isn't possible, while I don't know a field which is dynamically follow the activity position in a technician's route (I mean "next" or something like that, because position in route number isn't help).
      I see two choices: 1) run the reoptimization outside of working hours; 2) implement a way to notify technicians when they next activity is changed.
      Over that Idea Lab is a good place to share ideas.


    • Paul Parkinson

      Thanks Zsolt

      Its definitely in-day where we need re-optimization so we would need to do something more like option 2, however we would of course prefer to be able to include this level of control within our routing strategies. I will definitely add to the ideas lab.

      Thanks again



    • Michael Hudak

      Hi Paul,

      There is the filter field choice available known as "Pending Activity Order" which can be found at the bottom of the enumeration listing under "Other" group.

      A filter configuration of Field: "Pending Activity Order" + Condition: "Not In" + Value: "1" will isolate those activities which are the next pending ordered activity (i.e. first pending ordered activity of any pending ordered activities on the route).

      If you include this condition as part of the Reoptimization Filter that identifies which activities can be reoptimized, it should help protect them from being moved in most cases (no 100% guarantee because there are cost results that can still encourage Routing to sacrifice the activity).

      Hope this helps.

    • Paul Parkinson

      thanks all - will give this a go.




    • Danette Beal

      Hi Paul,

      Please let us know what works and choose a best answer! There is a lot of great content in the field services forum and it would be great if we could direct members to the correct answers.


      Danette, Community Manager