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    Julio Miguel Cruz
    When creating a sales order, how to default the...
    Topic posted September 11, 2019 by Julio Miguel Cruz, last edited September 11, 2019, tagged Global Order Promising, Order Management, SCM, White Paper 
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    When creating a sales order, how to default the "billing address" based on a selected "ship to address"
    When doing a customer site setup, we associate "ship to site" to a "bill to site". In SO creation, logically once we selected the shipping address, billing address should auto populate.

    Has anyone done this? How?

    Oracle Fusion Order Management 18C



    • Shyam Singh Patel

      Hi Julio,

      You need to check the following first 3 Note ID for your issue.

      Bill to - and - Ship to - Details not Defaulting on Sales Order Header (Doc ID 2157395.1)
      Bill To Account Not Defaulting For Some Customers On Sales Orders (Doc ID 2425272.1)
      Order Creation UI - LOV Does Not Show Bill to Customer (Doc ID 2168174.1)

      No Value is coming in BILL-TO on Order creation screen. (Doc ID 2272832.1)
      Address Site Creation Of Sold To Purpose, Also Getting Populated As Bill To (Doc ID 2383357.1)
      User is able to select all Bill To/Ship To customers from LOV which are unrelated from Order Header Customer. (Doc ID 2272798.1)
      How to hide Bill To / Sold To sites which are showing in Ship-to Address LOV (Doc ID 2530723.1)
      Contact Point Is Not Defaulting Based On Ship To Site Contact In Sales Order Screen (Doc ID 2410866.1)


    • Julio Miguel Cruz


      I have found that this function is still under enhancement. They are suggesting to us to write a defaulting rule or groovy scripts for this. Has anyone of you done the same? Please share if any

      • Shyam Singh Patel

        Hi Julio,

        This is not an issue. you need to check your setup. when we select the customer it auto-populate the ship and bill address based on primary flag selection at the customer site.