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    Ekansh Jain
    Outside Processing in Work Orders with Operation Type =...
    Topic posted May 14, 2019 by Ekansh JainBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Asset Master Data Management, Maintenance Analytics, Preventive Maintenance, Public Sector, Safety Management, Tip, White Paper 
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    Outside Processing in Work Orders with Operation Type = Supplier
    Outside Processing in Work Orders with Operation Type = Supplier


    As per the "Operation type" while creating the Maintenance Work Orders. It can be In-house or Supplier.

    In the case of Operation Type = Supplier, Please help me with below queries:

    1. How outside processing will work for any operation in the Work order?
    2. Is there any documentation available for it.
    3. Also, how billing will be performed for the outside processing orders against work order
    4. How can we pay the supplier for the operation that has been performed? Is the cost going to be included into Work Order cost
    5. Or if the separate invoice will be created for billing the client





    • Jennifer Allen

      Hi Ekansh-

      Have you reviewed this documentation:

      In 19A - we introduced the capability to manually procure materials for a Work Order.  This can include description based items for goods or services that are quantity or amount-based.  Take a look at the Readiness Training for 19A here:





    • Manikandan Ramamoorthy

      Hi Ekansh,

      Please refer attached white paper. This may give a clear picture on OSP in work order.

      FYI, Work order billing feature not in current release. It is in enhancement request.

      In current practice, OSP PO cost will be added to work order once the PO is invoiced.



      Manikandan R