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    Dan Higdon
    Report Export to Excel formatting issue.
    Topic posted December 12, 2018 by Dan HigdonGreen Ribbon: 100+ Points 
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    Report Export to Excel formatting issue.
    Preset Report formatting is not working when reports export to Excel, but only for certain users.

    I am having an issue with getting Reports to keep the preset formatting I designed in Service Cloud when the Report is exported to Excel. 

    For consistency, I designed a preset format through Service Cloud so that each time a report is exported things like the column widths automatically format to specific values. 

    For the team I work with, this works for most of us. However, I have two people on this team that get completely different values when a Report is exported to Excel. 

    I had thought the issue was the Windows and MS Excel versions being used (found some info that Windows 8 can cause issues and both of these folks were running on Win 8), but now the entire team has been updated to both Windows 10 and Excel 2016 and these two individuals still do not have the Reports export under the values I set up. 
    - For example, the first column width should be 13.43, but the two individuals in question get a column width of 16-something. 

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why just those two people would be getting a completely different output from the rest of the team?




    • Rasheed Ahamed

      Ideally it should work. Why those two folks can try Autofit-Column-Width option in excel which will set the width according to the max-length of the data inside the cell.

    • Joe P.

      You should have the 2 users with the issue log into OSC from another computer to see if the problem follows them.    This could help determine if the problem is  OSC specific or just with those 2 computers.  

    • Dan Higdon

      Thank you both for the feedback!

      Rasheed - Can't just use autofit. The reports have to be formatted to fit a single page width, so the columns have to be adjusted to accommodate. My formatting does that automatically when it works, but these two folks aren't getting the auto-format. 

      Joe - Just tried from my own OSC login on one of the two affected parties' computers and the same issue affected me, so seems like it may be tied to the actual Excel settings somehow. 

      • Dan Higdon

        Nope, does not look like it's the Excel settings. 

        I examined the ones on my PC side-by-side with the ones on one of the affected PC's and didn't see any differences. 

    • Joe P.

      Dan, it could be a Windows printer or a display issue. - checkout the info here -