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    Jon Kelly
    Need report for outstanding PO encumbrance/obligation...
    Topic posted May 1, 2018 by Jon KellySilver Trophy: 7,500+ Points, tagged BI Publisher Reports, Business Intelligence, FAQ, Financials, Fusion, How-To, Orders, Requisition Processing 
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    Need report for outstanding PO encumbrance/obligation balance

    Our purchasing team wants to get a report that includes a list of outstanding purchase orders that specifically includes remaining encumbrance balances. Is there any delivered report that we just aren't finding, or has anyone had luck creating this as a report? Thanks!



    • Sunny Todkari

      See the attached std reports available in purchasing.

      the exact report you are looking for may not be available but can be created in OTBI.

    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Jon,

      Please check the Open Purchase Orders Report. on the Reports Sharing Center. You can use this as starting point to build your own report. Note these sample reports are provided on"as is" basis. You can also use the The Account Analysis Report in General Ledger to check the obligation encumbrance balance for an account and all the in's and out's (encumbrance and liquidations.) It does not include PO information though.