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    Stephanie Clement
    Ask: Ability to share or tag someone in my network in forum...
    Topic posted May 14, 2019 by Stephanie ClementBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, tagged Discussion Forums, Idea Labs 
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    Ask: Ability to share or tag someone in my network in forum or idea post
    It would be great to share posts with my team.

    Please add an email share option for ideas or forums or allow us to @mention someone so we can share in that manner.



    • Hemal Kapasi

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for being a valued member of Oracle Cloud Customer Connect. We appreciate your feedback. Your suggestion for email share option or @mention will be reviewed with our development team, but as a workaround for email sharing, you can always share the link from the browser's address bar, which will bring the user directly to the post/idea once the user logs in. @mention is already in our list of considerations, but our product design at present has made it a challenge to add the same. We will review the possibility of an email share button / link.

      Thank you once again for your valuable feedback.


    • Stephanie Clement

      Yes, I have been using that, but it would be nice right from within the post, especially pulling someone into a comment/discussion within a post.  Thank you for considering!