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    Paul White
    Reducing the number of steps to reassign a Lead
    Topic posted May 9, 2017 by Paul WhiteRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Configuration, Core SFA, Setup and Maintenance, Workflow 
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    Reducing the number of steps to reassign a Lead
    It takes 10-13 clicks for a manager to assign/reassign a lead to a sales rep!!! No way to get adoption.

    We have approx. 700 outside sales reps covering 40+ market offices.

    We have a large volume of potential customers submitting inbound leads to our website, corporate phone number and local market phone numbers and emails.

    All of these are pushed into OSC and we use the Assignment Manager to send them to the proper manager based on contact address info.

    The issue starts now: the Manager must assign these leads to a sales rep. OOTB the process is torture requiring 10-13 clicks.

    It should be as easy as selecting one or more leads from the summary screen, clicking a Action item and then getting a popup to choose the sales rep it should be routed to. Can't figure out how to do it...

    Anyone do this, or have a better way to do it?




    • Jonathan Eastwood
      Have you seen in R12 in you can mass update which might help you
      Jonathan Eastwood
    • John Thomas

      Hi Paul,

      What is the Sales Manager doing with the leads other than reassigning them to the rep?  Can you use round robin and have them assigned directly to a pool of reps?

    • Paul White
      Yes, they are just reassigning them in this scenario. Oracle came up with a random distribution method; different from round robin is the sense that there is no order to the distribution although statistically over the long term the results should be essentially the same.
      Would like a method that has no extra maintenance beyond including or removing the sales people from the Organization vs having to change a script each time a salesperson is added or removed from the org (or company)