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    sachin deshpande02
    how to craeet a custom SOAP header for a custom security...
    Topic posted November 11, 2019 by sachin deshpande02Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Adapters, SOAP 
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    how to craeet a custom SOAP header for a custom security token
    how to add custom security header in SOAP adapter


    I wanted to pass a custom security header to a SOAP adapter. In SOAP adapter configuration in an integration, there a section where we can add a custom header XSD and choose the custom header.

    however, when I tried to upload the XSD created from Jdeveloper for the custom header XML for usernametoken I always get invalid XSD error. Can you please let me know what is issue


    the custom security header to be added is

    <wsse:UsernameToken wsu:Id="UsernameToken-2">


    <wsse:Password Type="">Infosys1234</wsse:Password>




    • Hemanth Lakkaraju

      WSSE is a standard security header supported in OIC SOAP Adapter by using Username Token Security in connection page. Why do you want to add it as a custom header?