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    Laura Ciocan
    configuring mixed pallets
    Topic posted July 17, 2019 by Laura Ciocan, tagged Order Management 
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    configuring mixed pallets

    Hi everyone,

      I have a business case where the customer is shipping mixed pallets. Customer has two Packaged Items that ship on the same THU(euro pallet). However, the packed items have  different Packaging Units, and different TiHi ratios to this THU. I created an Order Release using an Order Configuration that permits Mixed Pallets for each Packaged Item and bulk plan the orders . OTM is creating separate Partial Pallets for each of the Items, where the customer expects the partial pallets to be mixed.

    For this scenario I have done the following set-up:

    • Ship Unit: used EURO PALLET THU with appropriate dimensions  and  "Max Weight" and "Max Volume" specified, to indicate the capacity of the Mixed Pallet
    • Packaging Unit: carton box  with appropriate dimension information
    • Order Config Rules:   Allowed Mixed Freight and Allow Repack, with Releasing Logic set equal to "Determine Number of Ship Units"
    • Packaged Item Type ID: created a packaged item type id that is shared between all the Packaged Items I am trying to combine on a THU
    • Packaged Item: All Packaged Items have Packaging Unit, Mixable set to TRUE, Ti/Hi set equal to EURO PALLET with Quantity per Layer and Number of Layers filled out
    • Commodity: Created same Commodity ID shared by all Items
    • Locations: Set Location Role for "Allow Mixed Freight" for both Origin and Destination Locations

    What am I missing?

    Thank you for your inputs.

    Best regards,

    Laura Ciocan



    • Ambroise PHILIP

      Hi Laura,

      Not sure whether this is still something you're trying to do.

      You need to configure the Consumption in Packaging Reference Units on your Packaged Item. You need to create a Packaging Reference Unit ID and define the consumption. You'll need to define the Application Rule and the Grouping Rule.

      Don't get confused with Repacking, this is something different : you just want to build a Mixed Freight Ship Unit.