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    Bernardo Andres Neira
    Locking newly created entities
    Topic posted February 24, 2019 by Bernardo Andres NeiraGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Locking 
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    Locking newly created entities
    Locking newly created entities


    If you use the locking and unlocking module from FCCS, I had a question, for a newly created entity is there a way to start locking the entity from the month of creation onwards ??

    I don't fancy going back 3+ years locking the new entity on months it doesnt even has any data, just so that I can lock it on my current period




    • Ganesh Nellayappan

      Hi Bernardo,

      Its not possible as per documented procedures. It needs to be started in the previous years /period  and then lock it to get the current period locked.

      I am aware you would have reviewed this but for other who review this forum newly .. it would be cheat sheet to look at


      Locking New Entities :   Page 414 with example of adding.

      Ganesh Nellayappan

      • Bernardo Andres Neira

        Hi Ganesh, thanks for the answer

        Is there anything on the roadmap to fix this ?? I guess locking an entity on any period if the previous period status is no data should also be possible, going back 24 + months starting the entity (on Manage approvals) and then locking again all the hierarchy tree that got "impacted" or unlocked is a lot of reprocessing in my opinion


      • Aravind

        HI Ganesh,

        I already reviewed the document/link you shared . So if we have a new entity child added , then automatically the Parent is unlocked.That appears to be very dangerous as the numbers can change causing discrepancies..

        In short our need to be that once locked the prior periods should never be unlocked.

        Would that be possible .



    • Daria Miluk

      Is it possible to unlock everything back in some automate way e.g. by EPM ? Our calendar starts in 2013 so every time when we create new entity is troublesome. At the moment we unlock all periods manually as it is described in manual.