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    Chad Alexander
    Unable to Post a new Topic in Areas of InterestAnswered
    Topic posted September 16, 2019 by Chad AlexanderBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Discussion Forums, Personal Settings and Preferences 
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    Unable to Post a new Topic in Areas of Interest
    Unable to Post a new Topic in Areas of Interest

    I am getting a 403: Access Denied error when trying to post a new topic in my Areas of Interest forum on the Cloud Customer Connect Platform.  The error page indicates I need to 1. Go to my Profile Page, 2. Click Edit Areas of Interest, 3. Save.  However, I already have the specific areas of interest saved in my Area of Interest section of my Profile.    I am also unable to reply to or comment on other posts (specifically unable to post or reply in the Account Reconciliation and Profitability and Cost Management Areas of Interest.  I have other interests checked but have not tested those).

    I have tried accessing via Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge all with same result.

    I first noticed this behavior several weeks ago, so it doesn't seem to be something that will fix itself overnight or after making a change to my profile.

    Does anyone know how to resolve this?

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    Hemal Kapasi

    Hi Chad,

    There was an issue with your profile setup which has now been fixed. Can you please review the same again and let us know if it works. 

    We apologize for the inconvenience.