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    Shlomo Elnekave
    Custom Order Transformation Rules
    Topic posted January 8, 2019 by Shlomo ElnekaveBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, last edited January 8, 2019, tagged Order Management, Supply Chain Orchestration 
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    Custom Order Transformation Rules
    Custom Order Transformation Rules


    I am using custom transformation rule which based on "Order Type". it works fine when creating the order manually from the "Create order" page.

    The problem i have is when creating the order from Transfer Order ( IMT ), since the IMT doesn’t contain the order type field the Transfer Order interface to the Order Management fails. ( See attached files )

    do you have any idea how to keep the transformation rule and still be able to process IMT orders ?





    • Alice Mazodier


      Did you manage to default the order type when creating an ISO ?

      as a test, we managed to update the order type at sales order level when creating an ISO.

      We used Groovy in [Manage Order Management Extension].

      Please find below the detail of the groovy.

      The groovy is applied during the save or the submit of the order. 

      //Order type = 'Standard'

      //On start submission request
      def BU = header.getAttribute("RequestingBusinessUnit");
      def SourceDocumentType = header.getAttribute("TransactionDocumentTypeCode");
      if((BU != null && BU.contains("OSA_BU01"))) 
      if(SourceDocumentType == 'TO')
      header.setAttribute("TransactionTypeCode", 'Standard');  
    • Shlomo Elnekave


      I managed to solve it by adding the attached line to my transformation rules.