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    Hong Gao
    Allow users to view supplier profile PII attributes unmasked
    Topic posted May 28, 2018 by Hong GaoGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged How-To, Security, Supplier Profile Management, Tip 
    Allow users to view supplier profile PII attributes unmasked
    Configure view only supplier profile access to see unmasked PII attributes

    Internal users with Supplier Profile Inquiry Duty have view only access to supplier profile.  With this duty, user typically sees supplier PII attributes as masked, such as taxpayer ID and tax registration number (for suppliers with Individual or Foreign Individual tax organization type) as well as national insurance number.  When there is a need to allow a particular group of users to see these PII attributes as unmasked, it's necessary to configure a duty role to include the data security policy that enables this.  To achieve this, the following steps can be followed by an administrator or someone who can create and modify job roles:

    • Go to Security Console.  Search and copy duty role Supplier Profile Inquiry (ORA_POZ_SUPPLIER_PROFILE_INQUIRY) with copy option "Copy top role and inherited roles".
    • Under the Data Security Policies train stop, click Create Data Security Policy button.
    • Search for Supplier Personally Identifiable Information in Database Resource LOV dialog.
    • Select All values for Data Set.
    • In Actions drop-down, check Maintain Supplier Corporate Identifiers and Maintain Supplier Individual Identifiers PII.
    • Review the changes under the Summary and Impact Report train stop.
    • Complete the role copying and modification by clicking the Submit and Close button.
    • Refer to the steps above to create a new job role. Assign the new duty role to the job role.
    • Assign the job role to an internal user.

    This internal user will continue to have view only access to supplier profile, but he/she can see the supplier profile PII attributes as unmasked.