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    Israel Vijay
    Business Event for ASN creation filter.
    Topic posted January 14, 2019 by Israel VijayRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged ERP Cloud 
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    Business Event for ASN creation filter.
    Business Event for ASN creation filter.

    Hi All,

    We are using ERP adapter for SaaS for Business events. Here we are able use Publish to OIC and Subscribe to OIC for ASN creation Business event. We want have a filter for this Business events like based on Organization code or id, means if org code is 1111 then only we want to trigger the business event in OIC. Is it possible? if yes... please give us some reference documents.



    • Nagireddy Tadi

      Hi Vijay,

      This can be  achieved with the filter in Business Events. Please go through following documentation for more info


    • Monish Munot

      This might help you, blog for the business events and filters for item along with filter logic. I have applied the filters and it worked.