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    Balakrishna Chaturvedula
    Withdrawn Supplier Registration Request stuck at Pending...
    Topic posted July 6, 2018 by Balakrishna ChaturvedulaBronze Trophy: 5,000+ Points, tagged Approvals/Notifications, FAQ, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration 
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    Withdrawn Supplier Registration Request stuck at Pending Approval after R13 upgrade
    Withdrawn Supplier Registration Request stuck at Pending Approval after R13 upgrade

    Hi All,

    We recently upgraded from R12 to R13 18A. We are using the new functionality of "Supplier profile Change Request" workflow. During the upgrade, there were some registration workflows that were in process. When we try to withdraw an existing workflow after upgrade, the workflow is stuck at Pending Approval state. Did anyone face similar issues?

    Thanks, Bala. 



    • Hong Gao

      Supplier Profile Change Request and Supplier Registration are two different approval workflow processes.  Could you please help clarify which approval process that you are facing issue with?  If possible, could you please also share details of the steps?



      • Rushi Joshi

        Hi Hong Gao,

        I am stuck at a similar stage. It's a Supplier Registration approval workflow, where both the approvers have withdrawn the request (First responder wins).

        The request is currently under pending approval stage but since it is withdrawn by both no action can be taken on it. Also, it can't be reassigned. It cannot be deleted from Manage Supplier Registration Request.

        User wants to request the same supplier again but due to this pending approval request, it goes into duplicate error.

        It would be helpful of you can please guide how to finally delete the request.



        • Piyush Singh

          Hi Rushi,

          For supplier registration requests that you think got stuck, we have provided an option for you to resubmit the same request for the approval process. Please note, this will not delete/reject the request, rather it will resubmit the request in the approval flow. What you need to do:

          1. To any user who has access to Manage Supplier Registration Requests page, grant the privilege: Resubmit Supplier Registration Request

          2. After granting the privilege, the user should access the registration request through Manage Supplier Registration Requests page.

          3. On the page, there will be a button 'Resubmit Request', clicking which the request will be submitted again for approval.

          4. Once the request/s are resubmitted, you can revoke the privilege granted above. If you do not revoke the privilege, ensure that the user is educated so that he/she takes this action only on stuck requests.

          Hope this helps!