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    Girish Papaiah
    P Card Functionality
    Topic posted January 14, 2019 by Girish PapaiahRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Financials, Fusion, Orders, Payables, Requisition Processing, Supplier Communication 
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    P Card Functionality
    What is the current Procurement Card functionality

    I was curious to know the end to end solution for Procurement card.  I saw a document (Doc ID 1929497.1) on support where it mentions that we can configure the corporate card as Procurement card. Once configured. can this P Card be selected in Req ? Will this P Card info be passed to PO and then to AP? Is the P-Card details only for information purpose or does it drive the payments or any other functionality? Can the P-Card details sent to supplier through the PO Communication? 

    Also wanted to know the P-Card functionality on how it is integrated with Expenses and AP


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    • Aditya Singh

      Hi Girish,

      Yes we are having the concept of P-card in Fusion, although it is not fully functional now.

      I had enabled the P-card for one of my client , and yes you can select the same during requisition ,although when PO gets created on that requisition it gets created in closed for receiving status and there is no functionality yet to move further to AP and Books.

      Note: You need to enable P-card Column through Sandbox Customization.

      I have also raised one "Idea" in customer connect for the full functionality of P-card.

      here is the idea description:-

      Fusion is having a feature of P-card but that is incomplete and we can' t use the same for any customers.

      Hi All,

      We have came across the scenario where our clients need the features of P-card for requisition as they have business requirement like that.

      I have enabled the P-card for them in fusion after many trouble although it is not interfacing to PO and AP correctly, I have raised a SR with oracle and came know that they are not having the complete or you can say feature of P-card in Fusion yet, though you can enable it using customization but you cant use the same.

      This is what i received from oracle with bug number:-

      "There is an existing Enhancement open for this: Bug 23625486. 
      Ref note: Is Supplier Procurement Card (P-Card) Available In Oracle Fusion Self Service (For Requisitions) And Oracle Fusion Purchasing ( For Purchase Orders) ? (Doc ID 2105624.1) 

      There is currently no ETA. 
      You can setup corporate cards in Fusion Expenses, but they cannot be tied back to Purchase Orders or Requisitions."

      I think we can have the Features of P-card going forward.


      Aditya Singh

      Please look for Idea number: e9823c9a9a "Enable the full features of P-card in Fusion" for more details on this thread.

      Hope this will help you.


      Aditya Singh


      • Girish Papaiah

        Thanks for your response, Adithya.

        Can you explain little more on how you enabled the P Card. What version was this?

        Was the solution to define the Procurement card using Manage Corporate cards and are those cards visible in REQ and PO?


    • Aditya Singh

      You need to go to enter requisition page and enable the field for P-card using sandbox mode. I have performed the steps in R 13C

      Yes Girish, You can see the card that you will define under manage corporate card in requisition page.