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    Animesh Agrawal
    Period-End Accrual Drill down
    Topic posted February 23, 2018 by Animesh AgrawalBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Fusion Financial reporting, Fusion Procurement reporting, Fusion Supply Chain Management reporting, Reports 
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    Period-End Accrual Drill down
    Period-End Accrual Drill down to Receipt number

    Dear Masters,

    Is it possible to drill down period-end accruals from GL to particular receipt number? what are underlying tables and linkage.

    I tried but was able to reach CMR_cmr_rcv_events, but not able to get one-to one mapping to cmr_transactions from there.


    I have tried using OTBI, but SubLedger journals real time area receipt number is null for these transactions.

    PS: Using Release R12 of Cloud

    Any help around this particular issue, OR any additional knowledge sharing would be a great help.


    Thanks in advance.