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    Federico Samyn Dowie
    NUX - Newsfeed UX Layout mandatory change for FINANCE?
    Topic posted October 23, 2019 by Federico Samyn DowieBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Financials, Help Center, User Interface 
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    NUX - Newsfeed UX Layout mandatory change for FINANCE?
    HCM clients are requested to move to NUX layout by 20B... how about Finance

    Oracle HCM (in OOW19 and also via some HCM consultants) are mandating clients to switch to Newsfeed UX layout by release 20B. The seem to be pretty clear on the impact that this change will have on the HCM modules. Our organization has both HCM and Finance modules. Does anybody know exactly (documentation or Support notes) what areas this change will impact in the Finance modules?




    • Mitesh Kumbhat

      No plans yet rolled out for Finance modules.

    • Federico Samyn Dowie

      Thanks for the update!

      But when HCM and Finance coexist on the same Fusion platform, would a change on the UX layout for Oracle Fusion Landing Page (driven by HCM) affect everybody? Or will they introduce a way to change Fusion landing page layout for HCM users only? (i.e. via profile option).