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    Ambroise PHILIP
    Improve "Ask Oracle" about ConOpt
    Topic posted October 18, 2019 by Ambroise PHILIPRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Cloud, Operational Planning 
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    Improve "Ask Oracle" about ConOpt
    Low Response time when too many THUs are created in OTM data base

    Ask Oracle about ConOpt is an easy way to run simulation for packing without planning orders and hence generating shipments. It is very flexible and useful in many situation but may requires few optimization.

    This enhancement request is to improve the response time when many THUs are in the data base. For Shippers, it is common to have many THUs which slow down the UI. The result is that the functionality cannot be used anymore as OTM is continously querying the THUs whereas this is not needed. In most cases, the user just want to manually input a couple of THUs in the grid and check the results.