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    Creating an account from the Ask a Question pageAnswered
    Topic posted March 27, 2009 by BillD415 Red Ribbon: 250+ Points, last edited October 29, 2011 
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    Creating an account from the Ask a Question page

    We are preparing for an upgrade to November '08 and will be switching to the Portal page set as part of that upgrade.  For 2 of our interfaces, we don't have Pass-Through-Authentication, so we need for visitors to easily create an account and log their question from the Ask a Question page.  I have followed the instructions on pages 89-91 of the Nov '08 Portal Guide to add the email field to the AAQ page so that it will create a new contact if necessary or add the incident to the current contact if it already exists.


    This appears to work in that it creates a new contact if the email address does not exist, but because it does not put anything in the "login" field in the contact record, the customer can not log in to the My Stuff pages to check on their previously submitted incident.  Is there any way to either:


    1. Have the login field added during the contact creation from the AAQ page

    2. Modify the login widget so that it looks at the email field rather than the login field?  We always use the email as our login and don't use a password for the sites in question.


    Any insight would be appreciated.


    Bill Dailey









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    Ernie Turner
    I think you could probably accomplish what you're looking for by using the 'pre_contact_create' hook. In that hook, you could duplicate the email address into the login field on the contact object, and then users could log in using their email address. I haven't tried this, but I think it should work. I'm not sure what you would do for the password field though, unless you populated it with a random value and sent an email to the contact telling them what it is.


    • chekwa

      good to know it's working for you david. we're in the same boat. i'm actually doing the same thing on may '09, but you're on may '10 now and you're still using hooks.

      we're moving to august 10 and i guess i'll be doing the same thing again. thanks for the info.

    • Hanna Abi Akl

      Hello guys,

      I realize this topic has been open for quite some time now, but I am currently trying to accomplish the same thing and am facing the same error as Chekwa...I implemented the same codes in hooks.php and create_contact_custom.php and am getting the same popup error which says the action can't be completed and there is a request error.

      If anyone has found a solution to this issue kindly help with this.



    • Erica (Leep) Anderson
      Thanks for your question, Hanna. Since the last comment was from 2011, I would recommend that you post a new discussion thread and link to this thread in your question. To start a new thread, you want to go to either the "User Discussion Forum" and "Developer Discussion Forum" and then pick the most relevant forum board for your question and then look for "New Topic" on the right hand side.

      Erica, Community Manager