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    Sunil Dabekar
    Order Management Approvals
    Topic posted November 13, 2018 by Sunil DabekarGold Medal: 3,500+ Points, tagged Order Management, SCM 
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    Order Management Approvals
    Order Management Approvals
    Hello Experts,
    I would like to know if we can achieve any of the following requirements in DOO for Order Approvals
    1. To Set reminder if the approver doesn't act on the orders 
    2. To Set parallel approvals instead of just series 
    3. Re-routing to another group on the fly (If needed)
    4. Vacation settings.
    Any inputs on this would be appreciated. Thanks!



    • Balaji Narasimhan

      Hello Sunil,

      Please see responses as below:

      1. To Set reminder if the approver doesn't act on the orders 
      --- Yes, you may go to the Setup and Maintenance task – Manage Task Configurations for Supply Chain Management – ApprovalHumanTask – In Edit mode, click on Notifications tab. You will see an option to Enable reminder that you can configure based on your need.

      In addition, you may also want to explore the Deadlines tab. Under Expiration Settings, you have the option to specify the expiration days (Task level or assignee level) and also, choose Escalate option, providing the escalation level etc.

      2. To Set parallel approvals instead of just series 
      --- Not available as of now. This may be considered for a potential future release but we are not in a position to commit the release timelines at this stage.
      3. Re-routing to another group on the fly (If needed)
      --- In the notifications page that provides with the option to approve, reject etc., you can click on the Actions drop-down and try reassigning the task to another group.
      4. Vacation settings.
      ---In the BPM worklist page that opens up when you choose the setup and Maintenance task – Manage Task configurations for Supply chain management, click on the drop-down at the top right corner next to the user – you will see options such as User details, Home, Preferences, Logout etc.
      When you click on Preferences, you will get to see an option for Vacation period. You may enable the vacation period, specify the vacation days and reassign the tasks to another user or group.
      Hope this helps.
      For additional details, you may want to refer to the documentation on BPM.
    • Sunil Dabekar

      Hi Balaji,


      Thank you very much for the response. I have few follow up points to check

      For Point # 1: How do we ensure that 'ApprovalHumanTask' is meant for Sales order approval?

                               Also,can you please let me know on how to identify which tasks are related to which document (Eg. PO,SO,Transfer order,Invoices etc). Some of them have names (eg. transfer order), however its not all clear. 


      On Point # 2:  If you know the ER number could you please share it with me.

      On Point # 3 : Rerouting can be done only that the approver's end. However it is not possible for the one who submits. Is my understanding correct? Also can an Admin re-route an approval task for an order as exception?

      Point # 4: I tested this and it works only when the users themselves go and set this up on voluntary basis. However,can an Admin do so?