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    Manavalan Ethirajan
    How to reassign POs when buyer left the organization
    Topic posted December 31, 2018 by Manavalan EthirajanSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged How-To, Orders 
    How to reassign POs when buyer left the organization

    Requirement: Buyer has left the organization and there are volume of Purchase Orders that have not been changed to finally close. Need to provide additional rights to some other user to make the changes to the eligible Purchase Orders.

    Option 1:

    You can run a process to reassign purchasing documents from one buyer to another, including purchase agreements, contract agreements and purchase orders. To run the process use the Reassign Purchasing Documents task, from the Purchase Agreements or Purchase Orders work area. To use the Reassign Purchasing Documents task you must have a role with the Reassign Purchasing Document privilege. For example, Procurement Manager, Category Manager or Buyer. Refer the attached 'Reassign Purchasing Documents' image.

    Option 2:

    Set the other agent’s access to ‘Full’ for Purchase Orders in procurement agent setup. With this setup, other agents can access Purchase Orders created by buyers who left the organization. Please refer 'Manage Procurement Agents' image.