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    Richard Vang
    Workspace locked for editing?
    Topic posted June 14, 2019 by Richard VangRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Workspace locked for editing?
    Is there a way to lock the workspace when a second person opens the workspace editor?

    We had an interesting occurence while working in the workspace editor. I saved my latest changes to our custom incident workspace when I left my office at 16:30 yesterday. However, I left the editor open in Oracle. At 17:00 my supervisor opened the same incident workspace in the workspace editor on his desktop, made a change, and saved the workspace. This morning, at 09:00, I opened a new incident (not the workspace editor) to view the new tab my supervisor added the night before, and I could see it. I closed the incident without saving. I then returned to editing the incident workspace, which was still open on my desktop. I made some changes, and saved the incident workspace. I next opened a new incident to see if my latest workspace rule changes were present and working. They were, but I could not longer see the new tab my supervisor added the night before.

    In short, it appears that because the workspace was saved by me, my supervisor could then go into it, make changes and save it. But, because I still had an "older" version of the workspace (without the new tab) open from the day before, my latest changes saved over my supervisor's previous changes. Make sense? The Audit Log does show all three instances when the incident workspace was saved by us both.

    Once we figured out what happened later this morning, it made us nervous. Is there a way to "lock" a workspace during editing so a second person cannot edit the same workspace? Is there a setting we can configure, or is this just the way the workspace editor works?

    I appreciate any comments or thoughts in advance.



    Oracle Service Cloud 19A



    • Ajay Yadav

      No, there is no configuration like this, also workspace change only reflect when you refresh the workspace by closing current incident and reopen, or restart OSvC.

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Hi Richard.

      Yes, this can easily be achieved with a workspace rule
      When the editor loads it checks if the incident is assigned to the logged in user, if not, it will open the editor in read-only mode. You have the option to exclude NULL values (incident can be edited if not assigned) or to include NULL values (read only if not assigned).

      A complementary rule could be created (optional) to automatically assign the incident to the user who opened the unassigned incident

    • Richard Vang

      Thanks for the responses, but these are referring to an Incident created by an Agent/Customer. I am referring to the design/editing/customizing of the incident workspace itself by 2 Admins at the same time. Further research and inquires have shown that there is no notification built into Oracle for this, even though an Admin gets a notification if a second Admin is currently editing the Standard Text or the Product/Category.

      I have just posted this enhancement to the Idea Lab.

    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      This would do just that as it is a workspace rule, it will prevent editing the incident also for admins.

      You can configure the rule as required.
      If you want to lock the workspace when 2 admins open the unassigned incident that that is possible and you are able to do the same thing when the incident is assigned. You can also specify specific profiles only in your workspace rule.

      A notification is also possible, this is done through the message box.

    • Richard Vang

      Sebastiaan: I tried this rule, and some variations, and I suspected, it locked an existing Incident from being edited, but it did not lock the workspace editor when a second admin tried to edit the workspace rules at the same time.


    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Ah... I get it...
      You were not looking for a workspace lock to prevent multiple users from editing the incident at the same time, but you are looking for a workspace lock that prevents multiple users from editing the workspace itself.

      No, there is (like you already discovered) no such option...
      You have a few alternative options:

      1. You are able to check the log to see who was in and made the changes and inform this administrator about your policy concerning workspace modifications.
      2. Have a dedicated person for a particular (group of) workspace(s) so you avoid having this issue.

      I realize this is not what you had in mind. I do believe your request is a good candidate for the idea lab and would like to encourage you to create an idea for this. If you do, please update this topic to include a link to your idea so it receives more exposure & votes.

    • Richard Vang
      Yes, I have already implemented an internal protocol for our team. We basically just notify each other if we need to edit the workspace. All are aware of the problem so we also ask each other before we edit. I posted this to the Idea Lab yesterday.
      Thanks so much for your efforts.
    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      I'm posting the link here for others to vote on: See notification if a second admin is already editing the same workspace

    • Richard Vang
      Yes, thank you for the link. I should have done that myself.