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    Leigh Holling
    Restrict certain combinations of Expense Templates
    Topic posted October 22, 2019 by Leigh HollingRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Expenses, Public Sector 
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    Restrict certain combinations of Expense Templates

    What we want to do is restrict/ban combinations of certain expense template that users can choose.

    For example we have an Expense Template for Overnights, Days, Over 8 hours and Under 4 hours away.

    What I wanting to do is not allow someone to claim more than one of these within a 24 hour period eg not to be able to claim Day expense and an Over 8 Hours.

    Think it could be done under ExpenseRuleSet workflow with a IF/THEN Statement.

    Anyone done this?



    • Dawn Abraham

      If this is a per diem, you can create a single expense and create the per diem schedule with these rules. If that us not possible, you should be able to do it under the approval rules as you mentioned.

      • Leigh Holling


        Do not think I can do it with a single expense purley because they are different rates.


        For example Under 5 hours Max is ..... over 5 hours under 8 hours Max is ...... over 8 hours under 12 hours Max is..... over 12 hours less than 24 hours max is.......

        Can I include a time field or even a number of hours field in the expense and then apply a rates rule based on that? This would be the ideal route.


        Can anyone shed light on how I could implement a rule under approval rules to stop certain combinations of expenses within a single date or single expense report?


    • Dawn Abraham

      Yes, per diem policies will support this. You should be able to use 24 hour period.

    • Leigh Holling
      Hi thank you I have looked at this and it will only allow me to restrict individual templates by day. So for example not allow a user to claim above £13 for over 8 hours but I cannot figure out how to restrict expense type meals maximum of £25 which would then cumulate any expense template with the expense type meals.
      Can you provide some guidance or screenshots of how to do this if its possible please?