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    Chris N
    Error: "This Interview session has expired. Click here...
    Topic posted November 9, 2018 by Chris N 
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    Error: "This Interview session has expired. Click here to start a new interview."
    Every time I start my interview I receive the error.

    Hi,  I created an interview in OPM tool connected to our hub and uploaded and deployed.  I was presented with a URL which I use to run the interview.  Every time I start the interview in a prowser I receive an error "This interview session has expired. Click here to start a new interview."

    I click on Here and it loads fine.  


    I looked this error up in the knowledge base and found the below answer.  I am using chrome and get the error and I am not integrating with Rightnow.  This is a stand alone interview where I don't even collect data.  I just ask a couple questions and present some URL's.  Does anyone have an Idea of what this could be?  


    Answer ID 6271   |   Last Review Date 02/28/2018

    Why is my OPA Interview not loading when Internet Explorer is used?


    Oracle Policy Automation (OPA)


    As a best practice, the OPA and Oracle Service Cloud sites should have the same domain name.  If they do not, Internet Explorer's browser security features will prevent the display of links containing the OPA sites domain from within the CX site. 

    - Correct Example:

    CX Site:  http://rightnow_cx.rightnow.com
    OPA Site:  http://rightnow_cx_opa.rightnow.com/web-determinations/

    - Incorrect Example:
    CX Site: http://rightnow_cx.rightnow.com
    OPA Site: http://rightnow_cx_opa.custhelp.com/web-determinations/


    This typically occurs if an Oracle Service Cloud site recently underwent a domain name change (i.e. from "rightnow_cx.custhelp.com" to "rightnow_cx.rightnow.com")


    If the OPA site is on a different domain than the CX site, third party cookies must be enabled for the OPA site's domain in Internet Explorer's privacy settings.



    OPM 18B and OPA 18B Build 73 - Friday, 27 July 2018 16:21



    • Chris N

      I found my error.  I deployed my interview and then click on the link provided which opened an interview.  I then took that interviews link and shared it with other people.  We were all using the one interview and the error was telling us to restart that one interview. 

      To resolve I copied the URL provided by the deployment window (which was much shorter) and send that to people.  No more error.