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    Matt Falkai
    AP Aging report
    Topic posted March 22, 2017 by Matt Falkai, tagged Fusion Procurement reporting, Fusion Project reporting 
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    AP Aging report
    AP Aging report

    Is there a standard AP Aging report available online? We were advised that the AP Aging report in Oracle can only be run on the current day (e.g. if run on 03/22 will only show the AP Aging @ 03/22).

    Thanks in advance.





    • Andy Gough

      Hi Matt,

      As you probably know, there is a standard AP Aging report you can run from the Scheduled Processes window - it's called "Payables Invoice Aging Report".

      The advice you received was correct though - the report shows the AP Aging position as it is at the time you run the report. As far as I know, we don't store historical snapshots of AP balances/aging so it's not possible to view the Aging position as it was at previous points in history. Unless you could do something clever with Due Dates and Payment Dates in OTBI, I think you'd need to use something like BI Cloud Service to routinely collect the current aging position (e.g. via an OTBI report) and store it for historical/trend reporting.



    • Brendon Charles

      Hi Matt,

      This document may help, Doc ID 2162955.1



    • Marc Rose

      What is Oracle thinking by not having a standard AP Aging Report that can go back in time.  My auditors are asking for this, now I have to have a custom report built.  This is insane, Oracle needs to wake up.

    • Rafael Vasquez


      It's possible to run the AP Aging report in en specific currency, the standard report run for USD currency, We need to have the same report also for the DOP Currency.


      Plese let us know.