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    PAS: Steps to send and receive feedback
    Topic posted January 19, 2019 by AdamSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points, tagged API / Integration, Configuration, Mobility / Mobile Apps 
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    PAS: Steps to send and receive feedback
    Steps to send survey to customer and record feedback

    I created a survey with a sample question. I need to send this survey to customer via email once the activity is finished. I read online that OFSC cannot send html formatted survey to customer instead it can only send xml based message to middleware. In the message scenario i am not sure how to trigger the survey and also the layout of the message. I am also not sure how the response/feedback will be recorded back to OFSC. 

    Plus, is it possible to use a custom plugin to send and receive customer feedback for the survey?





    • Zsolt Tolgyesi

      Hi Adam,

      I believe this is a bigger task than can be finalized trough comments.
      But in general:
      - trigger message scenario in OFSC when activity closed
      - message format as the middleware requires, but contains customer details (name and e-mail) and activity ID also
      - after middleware get the answer back then it's able to update the activity regarding to the feedback (just a simple Y/N or if you want a complete survey then this can be another big topic).


    • Adam

      Thanks Zsolt.

      Few queries on your steps:

      Further Steps:

      • Activity is closed
      • Triggered is invoked
      • In the message scenario how to use survey properties? As they are not part of the Activity
      • Once the middleware receive the message it will create a url and convert the survey to html and send to email
      • Customer will click on the link and fill out the survey
      • Customer will click on submit button to submit the survey
      • Survey result will reach to middleware
      • Middleware will update the survey based on Activity id

      Now further questions,

      • How to related Activity with survey? Survey is being created standalone and i am not sure how can i related a survey with an activity
      • Can we use hosted plugin to send survey and receive feedback? Hosted plugins have public urls. I am not sure if this is making sense but i just wanted to know if i can think about it.



      • Zsolt Tolgyesi

        It's depend on which part of the survey want to see in OFSC later. My proposal is just update a flag for example "Survey sent and got answer". And use the customers answers just to enrich your local DB. Because I think no one will open activity-by-activity just to look issues related to the executed work. If you put AID into the triggered message then this data can be the link to the original activity.

        I let the answer about plugin for someone who has better knowledge about that than me.