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    Melissa Cummings
    AR remit-to address was not populated
    Topic posted October 24, 2019 by Melissa Cummings, tagged Accounting Hub Cloud Service, Receivables 
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    AR remit-to address was not populated
    We are new to Oracle , have set up our customers, accounts, can't create invoice

    When we attempt to save an invoice in Create Invoice in Accounts Receivable we are getting the following error..."The default remit-to address was not populated.  Enter a valid remit-to-address.  Can someone tell me where to go to get this information entered so I can create my invoices?



    • Karthikeyan Sukumar

      Hi Melissa

      Follow the below steps.

      1. Ensure that a default Remit-To-Address set is defined. This can be done using the following navigation

      • Task Manager: Remit-To-Address
      • Create a new : Remit-To-Address set

      2.Ensure that business unit has access to this Remit-To-Address set

      • Use Task "Manage Business Unit Set Assignments" and navigate to the Business Object: 'Receivables Remit To Address'.
      • Change the Reference Data Set code to : <Remit-To-Address created above>
      • Save your work and exit



    • Sudhakara Rao Kovuru

      Hi Melissa,

      You have to setup remit to address which is mandatory..

      Navigation :- Setup and Maintenance --> Search --> Manage Remit-to Addresses --> Click + sign to create new remit to address.