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    jagadeesh gattupalli
    SLA due dates issue
    Topic posted September 11, 2019 by jagadeesh gattupalliRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Service Console 
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    SLA due dates issue
    SLA due dates are not populating automatically

    Hi ,

    I am working on setting up SLA part and new to Service Cloud. I am facing issue in Incident work space. I create an Incident for Contact whose SLA Instance will LOW,NORMAL,HIGH, URGENT.  Default will be NORMAL when Incident created.Later I change SLA from NORMAL to URGENT. Info button in the ribbon showing  No values in the respective columns.

    If I don't give Initial response with in an hour in SLA Incident Milestone report it should show me RED flag. 

    I saw Initial Response Date and time is blank.


    I am attaching the JPG for reference.


    Please help ASAP. 



    Jagadeesh G





    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      SLA's are set through Business rules. Therefore. Check the rule log to see if the SLA got assigned to the incident. Setting the flag can also be done in the same rule.

      • jagadeesh gattupalli

        Hi Sebastian,

        Initial SLA for Incident set as NORMAL. Later Manually settting to Urgent to check the SLA performance of an Incident because we are still in testing phase.

        I attached RULE log pic.


        Thanks for the Response. Waiting for Reply.

    • Dev Aditya

      Adding to comment of Sebastiaan, highlighting any column in red in any report, it can be done using 'Exceptions' in reports. 

      • jagadeesh gattupalli

        Thanks for Reply Dev. Reports I can take up later and implement your suggestion. But Info button in work space not providing me the values. Please let me know how to populate them.




    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Your screenshot shows the SLA with an initial response due so the SLA seems to have been set correctly.
      If your goal is to perform an action when the due date has expired then you need to create an escalation rule (2 rules, one for the trigger, one for the action)
      In the action rule you can set the flag to red. The trigger can be placed in your SLA rule.

      • jagadeesh gattupalli

        Thank you Sebastian. I will try the above mentioned steps.

        I want to know how the values in info button of Incident work space values get populated. 

        Will the above escalation rules populate values into the "info" button of Incident work space?

        Is it possible or not?


        I attached the picture herewith.




        Jagadeesh G





    • Sebastiaan Draaisma

      Date Initial Solution Response: Is set when the agent responds and markes the incident as solved
      Date Last Responded: Is set when the agent responds to the incident
      Date Closed: Is set when the incident is marked as solved
      Escalation level: Is set by a business rule.

      All fields in the info field are set automatically by the system including escalation level.