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    Jens Lundell
    Creating a workspace with fields to the left - Dynamic Agent...
    Topic posted September 1, 2017 by Jens LundellBronze Crown: 15,000+ Points, last edited August 2, 2019 
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    Creating a workspace with fields to the left - Dynamic Agent Desktop recipe


    Creating a workspace with fields to the left

    Author: Jens Lundell
    Oracle Service Cloud
    Sr. Development Director

    Difficulty rating:   (Beginner)
    Target persona: Workspaces administrator creating workspaces for agents
    Ingredients: Workspaces, Table control, Panel control
    Overall description/purpose: In this video we look at various Workspace Designer techniques for adding and moving controls, and for creating various layouts. Specifically we learn:

    1. How to create a Workspace where fields are shown on the left hand side
    2. How to use the Row Span and Column Span features
    3. How to use nested Table controls instead of utilizing Row Span
    4. How to easily select and move Table and Panel controls
    5. How Panel controls work, and when not to use them
    6. How to add a Panel control to an existing Workspace to create a scrollable region
    7. How to remove redundant Panel controls from a Workspace

    These techniques are handy for creating workspaces for both the Agent Desktop and for the Agent Browser UI. Specifically #3 and #7 are very useful for Agent Browser UI Workspaces, as the Agent Browser UI does not yet support Row Span and the Panel control.

    Video: Click to View Video
    Attachments: Attached is a simple Workspace export file where some fields are shown on the left. Import using the instructions here.