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    Neal Fuhler
    Supplier Registration Profile - Configuring Additional...
    Topic posted March 27, 2019 by Neal FuhlerRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Supplier Creation, Supplier Profile Management, Supplier Registration 
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    Supplier Registration Profile - Configuring Additional Information (DFF)
    Is it possible to configure displaying and hiding certain DFF from the Supplier?

    We have six Supplier Registration Profile additional information (DFF). One is mandatory and the other five optional.  We would like to hide two of the optional because these are managed by the back office.  See image.

    Many self-registrations proceed to fill out the back office information for "Vendor Classification" and "CPIC Sunbiz Status", When populated, this corrupts the quality of the information.   

    This same question was asked to our implementer in 2017 (then R12). We were informed that the ability to manage the DFF was either display-all or nothing. Since one of the six DFF is mandatory we went with all option.  

    Is it now possible to hide certain DFF?  If no, is "personalization" or any other method a viable option to hide part of the screen?

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    • Brett Yasutake

      Yes it can be done. See the support note below. Using page composer on the supplier registration page, find the "descriptiveFlexfield " grouping (found under the "PanelHeader: Additional Information" grouping). In the global context segment tab, select the DFF segment you want to hide on supplier facing registration page, and open the expression editor for the "Rendered" field and use the following expression to make it only appear on internal registration pages:

      #{pageFlowScope.callingModule == 'INTERNAL_REGISTRATION'}

      How To Enable Supplier Registration DFF Fields Only For Internal Registration Page? (Doc ID 2319470.1)

    • Piyush Singh

      Hi Brett, thanks a lot for your response. What you have shared is a way to differentiate the display of the flexfields among various registration flows. By default, these will show up for all the registration flows (when exposed) and using the step shared, you can configure to display these attributes in specific flow and not in others.

      The use case that Neal has come up with is to expose a subset of flexfields in registration flow (4 attributes out of 6 to be precise).

      You can review this post to implement the use case to selectively display flexfields on a page:

      Please let us know if you have further help needed.