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    Joaquin Landt
    Update ERP POs in pending status when approval from IBM...
    Topic posted April 5, 2018 by Joaquin Landt, tagged Approvals, Approvals/Notification, Tip, Web Services 
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    Update ERP POs in pending status when approval from IBM Maximo sends notification
    Customer requirements need Maximo to do many validations agains a maintenance to asset and send approval notification to Oracle ERP Cloud POs, in order to release the approval.

    Hi team,

    1. Our business scenario involves purchasing documents (can be Requisitions in Self-Service Procurement or Purchase Orders in Purchasing) which are in Pending Approval status and need to be approved
    1. In order to Approve these POs and/or Requisitions, partner is suggesting to receive an update from MAXIMO, to specifically update a field (flexfield – called “Should be Approved?”). All  POs would originally have default value of NO, and Maximo would update this Flexfield with value the values Yes or No.
    1. If flexfield is updated with Yes, an approval rule will make that the PO is approved (status should change from Pending Approval to Approved). Otherwise, if flexfield remains with No, purchasing document will still be Pending Approval
    1. In order to update a flexfield on Requisitions, we evaluated web service PurchaseRequestService but a change operation requires that the Requisition has associated a Purchase Order, while we need to update a Requisition in Pending Approval status, before is approved and related to a Purchase Order
    1. In case of Purchase Order, we evaluated web service PurchaseOrderService, however operation changePurchaseOrder cannot update orders with Pending Approval status, this service only can update orders with Open status (approved). So it seems is not an option either.


    Looking for ideas to update a Requisition or Purchase Order in Pending Approval status. Is there any other option or function that could allow this?  Do you visualize other option?

    Thank you



    • Uma Seetala

      Approval can be done with REST API.

      Please find below notes:

      Submit purchase order for approval



      Request code:


        "name": "submit",
        "parameters": [
            "bypassApprovalsFlag": "true"


      Thank you,

      Uma Seethala


    • Ivan Pena

      Hi Joaquin,

      The REST service mentioned by Uma would allow to submit the PO for approval, but as you mention, there are no web services to update requisitions or purchase orders that are in incomplete or pending approval status.please also note that while the requisition/PO is in pending approval status, there is nothing preventing the approvers from approve it, regardless of whether it has been "released" for approval from Maximo or  not.