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    Edward Calderon
    Cannot find the logical for rule R0003 of demo PCMCS
    Topic posted January 25, 2019 by Edward Calderon, tagged Allocations, Calculation, Costing, Customer Profitability, PCM, Profitability Analysis 
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    Cannot find the logical for rule R0003 of demo PCMCS
    Allocation for products in rule R0003 of PCMCS demo environment

    I have checked the rule R0003 and I did not find the logical for the allocation of all products. Please see the following screenshoot of the analysis I did in smartview.

    I really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.




    • Evan Leffler

      Can you elaborate as to what you mean by "the logical"?

      • Edward Calderon

        Hi Evan,

        Thanks for the fast response. What I mean I that I do not find the functional behavior of the rule R0003. I could understand the rules R0001 and R0002 by following the path, and I did the same with rule R0003 without sucess.

        Thanks in advance.


    • Alecsandra Mlynarzek

      Hi there Edward,

      Are you asking for help to understand why the data distribution by product has a value of "X" when the driver data indicates it should have a different value? 

      If that is the question then please drill into the member "Materials". This is a parent with several children, each having a different distribution %. You cannot and should not add % to a total and use that value as your validation.

      Below is one example for "Frames" under "Materials",and the results are correct.

       I hope this is helpful.

      Kind regards,


      • Edward Calderon

        Hi Alecsandra,

        I tested again with the tip you sent to me, and It works fine. Your help was very helpfull. Thanks a lot.

        Best regards.