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    Custom API creation error
    Topic posted March 27, 2017 by Kmuralidharan1992 Bronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, last edited March 31, 2017 
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    Custom API creation error
    Custom API creation error

    I cant able to create new custom API and also i cant able to test already created custom API it shows following response. How to rectify it????

    Test Response Status: 404


      "type": "",

      "status": 404,

      "title": "API is not bound to any implementation",

      "detail": "The API custom/M_Notifications(1.0) is not bound to any implementation. Check the value of a binding policy for this API (\"*.custom/M_Notifications(1.0).Routing_BindApiToImpl\").",

      "o:ecid": "005IvETm7hpA9T3_Rll3id0000xT0002NJ, 0:4:3:14",

      "o:errorCode": "MOBILE-57946",

      "o:errorPath": "/internal-tools/env/1.0/ui-tooling/endpoint/mobile/custom/M_Notifications/m_notifications"




    • Tom Ware

      Can you please describe what you are doing when you get this error message?

    • Kmuralidharan1992

      I'm just testing already created custom API which contains some sample datas.

    • Kmuralidharan1992

      I didn't generated any scaffold and i have also not uploaded any codes, till yesterday i got 200 response but today its showing error with 404 response.

    • Tom Ware

      Can you please give a more detailed set of steps.

      I assume, you created an API with at least one endpoint.

      What did you do next?  Did you test it right away?  Did you generate a scaffold?  Did you upload some code?

      Please give high level description of the steps you took to get to the error.

    • Tom Ware

      What happens if you generate a scaffold and upload exactly the scaffold as the implementation?

    • Kmuralidharan1992

      Thank You Tware now my custom API works fine but i cant able to create new API's it shows following error

      Something's gone wrong, but we don't have enough information to tell you how to fix it. Try looking at the browser console for clues.

    • Chris Muir

      Try logging out, then clearing your browser cache, restart your browser and see if that makes a difference.

      If you still get the error message after this, as suggested, look to the browser debug "console" window to see what errors are being thrown, and let us know what they are.


    • Chris Muir

      The error is reporting that the instance properties may be damaged or incorrect, specifically the *.*.Routing_DefaultImplementation entry.

      From the MCS Administration screen, can you download the environment file and copy the results here for us to look at please.


    • Kmuralidharan1992

      I have tried all still it's not working

      console window shows following error

      [ERROR] [mcs.package.api.ApiStubModel] REST call error: {"type":"","status":500,"title":"Internal server error","detail":"Cannot find the default API implementation because the appropriate environment-level policy \"*.*.Routing_DefaultImplementation\" is not present or contains an incorrect value.","o:ecid":"005IwQWSO2LA9T3_RlXBid0001AO0000l3, 0:4:3","o:errorCode":"MOBILE-58043","o:errorPath":"/internal-tools/1.0/envs/dev/asset/apis/671b4927-c03b-4260-a624-70b71e9ea4e3/extended"} Object { readyState: 4, getResponseHeader: .ajax/S.getResponseHeader(), getAllResponseHeaders: .ajax/S.getAllResponseHeaders(), setRequestHeader: .ajax/S.setRequestHeader(), overrideMimeType: .ajax/S.overrideMimeType(), statusCode: .ajax/S.statusCode(), abort: .ajax/S.abort(), state: .Deferred/i.state(), always: .Deferred/i.always(), then: .Deferred/i.then(), 12 more… }

    • Tom Ware

      What are the names of the apis showing the problem?

      Also, what is your identity domain?

    • Kmuralidharan1992

      Now my problem is that i cant able to create new API's

      My Identity domain


    • Tom Ware

      Ok. lets try some initial diagnosis.

      Do you have all ready created apis?

      If so, find one that uses the Mock implementation.  (Navigate to the API, go to Implementation, and find one where the API named "Mock" is checked)

      Test any endpoint in that implementation using the "Test" button at the top.  What is the result?  Did it succeed or get an error?  Also, post the name of the API you used.

    • Chris Muir

      User , given you are using a GSE instance, are you an Oracle employee?  If yes can you email Tom Ware and myself directly please, and we can explore what's gone wrong with the GSE instance.