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    Vijayaraghavan Karuppiah
    Item Description Generation Rule - Attributes to be...
    Topic posted November 6, 2019 by Vijayaraghavan KaruppiahRed Ribbon: 250+ Points 
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    Item Description Generation Rule - Attributes to be Non-Mandatory
    Item Description Generation Rule - Attributes to be Non-Mandatory or generate Item description with available attributes

    We are using Rule Sets to generate Item Description Based on User Defined Item Attributes.
    E.g.) In Case of Couplings we are using Material, Outside Diameter and Length of thread to generate Item Description

    We have defined the Item Attributes and Item Rules for concatenation of Item Attributes to create Item Description. The rule is working fine and Item Description is getting generated as expected.

    However when we create the Item all attributes included in Rule for Generation of Item Attributes become mandatory.

    The requirement is that Attributes used in Item Rule to generate Item Description should not be mandatory. At times user may not be able to enter values of all attributes at the time of Item  creation. In that case Item Description should be generated with whatever values are entered by User.

    Please let me know if you can help me with syntax of writing this rule.



    • Steve Brown


      As a alternative, I offer the following. We faced similar desire of not having the attributes manditory for same reasons, but went forward with them manditory, We added the value "NONE" into each value set for the user to choose if they did not know the value.  The following is the first 2 attributes in one of our rules that show how we hid the NONE value and extra comma in our description.

      substring(decode([Item].[ABRASIVE].[ITEM], "NONE", "", [Item].[ABRASIVE].[ITEM]) + decode([Item].[ABRASIVE].[TYPE], "NONE", "", "," + [Item].[ABRASIVE].[TYPE])