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    Brian Burns
    Change Accounting Calendar from Fiscal to Calendar
    Topic posted September 16, 2019 by Brian BurnsBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged Budgetary Control, Configuration, Financials, General Ledger, Setup / Administration, Subledger Accounting 
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    Change Accounting Calendar from Fiscal to Calendar
    Has anyone been successful on changing an accounting calendar from fiscal to calendar?

    We follow a State's reporting calendar and they are changing from Fiscal to Calendar. I know it is not possible to change a an accounting calendar while in process but has anyone done a change in calendars for a future period? Possible creating a calendar with 18 months as a bridge to the next full calendar year period?

    Our Fiscal period starts in July so July 2019  = 1-2020.


    Thank you,

    Brian Burns



    • David Taylor

      Hi Brian,

      I have done this but from calendar to fiscal (from Dec year end to Sept as year end) but within ebs (Ebusiness suite). 

      To do this I forced an early year end by changing the Oct, Nov and Dec periods to be adjusting periods.  Then started the new fiscal with period 1 as October etc.  Changing the "old" periods to be adjusting allows you to define periods that overlap.

      You could do something similar by forcing an early year end in December.  I would imagine it would work the same way in Financials cloud. 

      • Brian Burns

        Thank you David,

        I'm taking a look at this.



      • Brian Burns

        It looks like one issue with this is the potential for Fixed Asset problems since the FA book is assigned to an FA calendar that is also Fiscal. There are fewer options to change this area. This could mean creating a new asset book and then transferring assets over. I like the idea of the adjusting periods though.