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    Metadata Refresh Error
    Topic posted August 5, 2019 by LNBlue Ribbon: 750+ Points, tagged Dimensions 
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    Metadata Refresh Error
    Metadata refresh error due to member name and its alias are the same

    Hi all,

    Please let me know how to find the member name and its alias are the same details as am getting this "HSP_TMP_f438d04f-3f23-4444-8520-ae2f91aa1964" while refreshing the cube. Please find the same in the attached screenshot.






    • Tony Scalese

      This blog post I wrote shows some techniques for troubleshooting metadata issues:

      Ignore that you aren't loading metadata from Cloud Data Management, the techniques for troubleshooting are still relevant. 

      • LN

        Hi Tony,

        Thanks for sharing but am not able to figure out my issue with the provided technique.

        FYI: After creating a new member in Entity dimension, tried to refresh the database, then got the information (attached in an earlier post) screenshot. Wanted to know to figure the same member has its label and alias are same as using the "HSP_TMP_f438d04f-3f23-4444-8520-ae2f91aa1964".



    • Ligia Olguin

      Hi Narasimha,

      If the error didn't happen before or it is related to account "FCCS_CStatus Filter, open a SR with Oracle. We're having issues in our Dev environment due to some bugs in the new update. Oracle is working on it.

      • LN

        Hi Ligia Olguin,

        Thanks for the update, but, got it after adding a new member and tried to refresh the database, then it's coming through. 

        And my question is how to find the member by using the "HSP_TMP_f438d04f-3f23-4444-8520-ae2f91aa1964"



    • James Liaskos

      This issue is happening to multiple customers.  I think there was an issue with the update.  I have an SR open with Oracle.  They will be issuing a patch or a workaround to fix.  See screenshot attached showing duplication of system member.  I recommend you wait for Oracle and don't try to fix it yourself or you may interfere with the patch.

      Can't refresh database. Patch failed. Problem with system account in cube.

      Error Message in job details: Member name and its alias must be unique among siblings. Cube: Consol, Member: FCCS_CSTATUS FILTER. Will attach a screen shot as well showing the metadata.