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    Erfan Rana
    Scenario and Version Dimension
    Topic posted June 10, 2018 by Erfan Rana, tagged Financial Planning, Planning, Tip 
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    Scenario and Version Dimension
    Need Guidance what to place where

    Hi Gurus - I would like to take guidance over three peculiar petrochemical industry based business requirements. EPBCS Financials, Projects and Workforce is being implemented.

    1. Yearly plan is prepared based upon 100% figures against an Entity and Product (POV). These figures are reduced based upon %age share of company ownership e.g. cost of an exploration well is shared between two parties 60% (we) and 40% (other party). Say total entered expense is $100,000, called as GROSS Figure; it is reduced to $60,000, called as NET.

    2. Few expenses are contingent upon happening of an event, called as CONTINGENT; and few expenses are confirmed, called as FIRM.

    3. Combination of GROSS and CONTINGENT, GROSS and FIRM, NET and CONTINGENT and NET and FIRM can have multiple VERSIONS.

    Can you please help which dimension should I use for GROSS and NET; which should be used for CONTINGENT and FIRM and which should be used for multiple VERSIONS.

    Should I go for a CUSTOM dimension? If we do so, approval process limitations comes under the way, as only three dimension combinations are routed through approval i.e. Entity, Scenario and Version.

    Please help

    Erfan Rana



    • Anthony Manfredi

      Where would you need to see this breakout?  I would expect that Workforce and Projects should be planned at a gross method and then financials would want to report its data Gross->Net.  

    • Mark Rinaldi

      This is tough to answer in this forum.  There are so many variables at play when designing a solution.  You need to weigh the reporting, performance, and usability factors when determining dimensionality.

      Questions to ask, can you define FIRM or CONTINGENT per Account or Project such that they can be Attributes?  If any Account or Project can be either, you may need a Custom Dimension.  Could you have an alternate hierarchy to calculate the difference?  There are so many ways to handle this that it needs more than this forum to answer.

      Approvals supports a fourth dimension.  Please read the Working with Approval Unit Hierarchies for more information.