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    VIvek Kumar
    create_backup_from_onprem error
    Topic posted September 22, 2019 by VIvek Kumar, last edited September 22, 2019, tagged Developer Tools, Engineered Systems, Object Storage 
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    create_backup_from_onprem error

    Hi Team,

    I am encountered an issue while creating database backup using create_backup_from_onprem script in OCI CLI. i noticed object storage namespace is not correct while executing backup script.

    Getting error while running create_backup_from_onprem

    [oracle@oracledev oci-cli-scripts]$ ./create_backup_from_onprem --config-file /home/oracle/.oci/config --display-name testimport01 --availability-domain $AD --edition STANDARD_EDITION --opc-installer-dir /home/oracle/migrate --tmp-dir /home/oracle/migrate/onprem_upload --compartment-id $C --rman-password *****
    oci._vendor.requests.exceptions.HTTPError: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:

    and parameter.log

     Either the bucket named 'iF0ydees7V0yWxyuAYtF' does not exist in the namespace 'dbbackupbom' or you are not authorized to access it

    However, my correct namespace is bmnoo8fd7ute

    [oracle@oracledev oci-cli-scripts]$ oci os ns get
    "data": "bmnoo8fd7ute"

     Not sure how to correct object storage namespace in CLI. could you please any help me on this?

    oci 2.6.5



    • Lyz Morato

      Hello Vivek,

      You may want to take a look at the config file in home/oracle/.oci/config. The -host parameter should reflect the correct information.


      The endpoint URL to which backups are to be sent:


      where <tenant> is the lowercase tenant name (even if it contains uppercase characters) that you specify when signing in to the Console, for example:


      Do not add a slash after the tenant name.

      See Regions and Availability Domains to look up the region name.