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    Pramod Dhiman
    Is it possible to use inventory org as maintenance org
    Topic posted October 9, 2019 by Pramod DhimanRed Ribbon: 250+ Points, tagged Public Sector 
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    Is it possible to use inventory org as maintenance org
    Inventory org is not appeared as Maintenance org in Maintenance Management UI

    i create an inventory org and in parameter  selected the check box "Organization Perform Maintenance Activity". 

    when i enter in Maintenance Management UI, Press the Change Organization button to select the Maintenance Org then the previously created inventory org is not appeared as Maintenance Org.

    My issue is to use inventory org as Maintenance Org.

    If there is some other method to use the the inventory org as maintenance org, Please explain.




    • Sivakumar Guntumadugu

      Hi Pramod,


      Yes, it is possible to use Inventory Org as a Maintenance Org. Please check if you followed below steps:

      1. Create Inventory Organization and enable 'Organization performs maintenance activities'.

      2. Choose a Maintenance Manager/Maintenance Technician belongs to Maintenance Organization created above step.

      3. Navigate to Offering 'Manufacturing and Supply Chain Materials Management' and choose Functional Area 'Maintenance Management'.

      4. From the required Tasks select 'Manage Inventory Organization Data Access for Users'.

      5. Click on Create and select User, Role (Maintenance Manager/Maintenance Technician), Security Context (Inventory Organization which you enabled for Maintenance Organization in step 1). Security Context Value (Organization choose from LOV).

      6. Now navigate to Maintenance Management UI and select change Organization and it should appear.


      Thanks & Regards,


    • Mohamed Mahmoud

      Hi Pramod,

      Please make sure that you define Manage Plant Parameters for Maintenance Org.

    • Ramakrishna Basa


      You need to set up the Org access to your login id using task "Manage Inventory Organization  Data Access for Users"