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    Mary King
    Edit existing descriptive flexfield
    Topic posted August 15, 2019 by Mary KingBronze Medal: 1,250+ Points, tagged Public Sector 
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    Edit existing descriptive flexfield
    Change descriptive flexfield to context sensitive

    During implementation our consultant set up all our dff's as global.  Is it possible to change some of them to context sensitive to better suit our needs and give us more segments to use?  I understand that this will affect data already stored but I would like to know if it is an option.





    • Maithily Kohale

      Hi Mary,

      I tested this requirement internally. When you define a context, you can only create new segments as context sensitive. The existing global segments cannot be made context sensitive.



    • Mary King

      Hi Maithily,

      Thank you for this information.  Our consultant used all available DFFs on our purchasing screen so I was wondering if you have any other suggestions.  My understanding is we could "re-purpose an existing DFF (with the understanding that the old data would still be stored in that attribute) but that will only solve part of our needs since we still need some of those DFFs.



    • Ashok


      I reviewed this internally again. Unfortunately there seem to be no other options available for your specific request on workarounds.