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    keerthi P
    Invoke WSDL from OFSC
    Topic posted October 12, 2017 by keerthi PSilver Medal: 2,000+ Points 
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    Invoke WSDL from OFSC


    We have a requirement to send few activity updates to an external system. Can anyone guide me how to invoke a WSDL from OFSC?

    Can we use message notifications for this purpose? If so, so we mention the WSDL path in URL while configuring a new delivery channel?


    Thank you

    OFSC 17.2



    • Shaun Nicely - Helix Business Solutions

      Hi Keerthi,

      Message scenarios will be used to push outbound messages from OFS. Below are the documents you might find helpful in configuring and integrating with Outbound API.

      Integrating with Outbound API:

      Outbound WSDL:

      Message Scenario Configuration Guide:


      Hopefully, this helps.




    • Hardik Gupta

      Hi Keerthi,

      Yes you can invoke a WSDL. You will need to use Message Scenario for this. The path of the WSDL will be created as a new channel under channels. Donot include "?wsdl" that is there at the end of the url.

      For start you can keep the username and password blank and connection as not encrypted.

      Also note that there is a field Disable weak password hash. -- It is recommended to check this. Then the SHA256 hashing will be used.


      Hardik Gupta