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    Mass Edit Requisition Lines
    Topic posted March 6, 2019 by AshokBlack Diamond: 60,000+ Points, tagged FAQ, Internal Material Transfer, Requisition Processing 
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    Mass Edit Requisition Lines
    How can users quickly update multiple requisition lines before submitting the requisition for approval.

    A. Context:

    It has come to our attention  recently based on customer feedback from CAB that more than a few customers do not seem to be aware that there is a quick and easy way to update requisition attributes for multiple requisition lines in one operation. We wanted to highlight this feature and how you can use this in your day to day requisitions management processes.

    B. Concept:

    In the Edit Requisitions page users can mass change the lines displayed in the requisitions table. To do this, select one or multiple lines from the table. Using ctrl + enter you can select the lines you want. Optionally, click on the line selector next to the table heading Line, to select all lines of the table automatically.

    A) Mass Edit Window:

    Once the lines you want are selected, click on the pencil icon to edit the lines. This action should open the Mass Edit window.

    The Mass Edit window shows at the top the lines you have selected. This means that any data you provide in the attributes available below the table will apply to all selected lines.

    With the Mass Edit window you can update values to attributes such as requester, urgent indicator, requested delivery date, quantity, deliver-to location, and charge of account.

    B) Billing Region Update:

    In the billing region, you can delete or split distributions, update project details, charge account, and percentage allocation. You can also update the budget date when the requisitioning BU is enabled for budgetary control.

    C) Additional context to remember when using Mass Edit:

    The availability of attributes for update depends on the selected lines. Depending on the combination of lines you select, one or more attributes might not be available for update in the Mass Edit window.

    I will attempt to clarify some of these rules below:

    1. The urgent indicator applies only for purchase requisition lines. Therefore, it will be hidden if any of the selected lines is for internal material transfers.
    2. The destination subinventory is displayed if the destination type for all selected lines is inventory, if none of the master items have subinventory restrictions, and the selected lines have the same deliver-to organization
    3. The deliver-to location type applies only for purchase requisition lines. Therefore, it will be hidden if any of the selected lines is for internal material transfers.
    4. The quantity field applies only to lines with goods purchase basis line type. If any of the selected lines has a fixed price service line type, then the quantity field will be hidden.
    5. Note to supplier applies only for purchase requisition lines. Therefore, it will be hidden if any of the selected lines is for internal material transfers.
    6. The project details only apply for expense destination requisition lines. For the project widget to apply to internal material transfers to expense destinations you must opt in to the Fulfill Project Material Requirements from Internal Sources feature.
    7. The billing region is hidden when you select a combination of lines with inventory, and/or work order destination types. This is because you cannot split distributions, or change the charge account for inventory and work order destination type lines.

    D) Mass edit additional attributes via Personalization:

    Also note that in addition to what was discussed above, you can also personalize the Mass Edit window to add the attributes below. These attributes apply only to purchase requisition lines and not to internal material transfers.

    - Suggested buyer

    - DFF segments

    - UN Number


    1. Updates to the billing region will cause all distributions of the selected lines to be replaced. For example, suppose you select 2 lines that have 2 distributions. If in the Mass Edit window you enter one distribution, then the 2 lines selected will have only the distribution after you apply your changes from the Mass Edit window.  
    2. You should only provide values to the attributes you want to change. If you don't wish to change certain attributes for all lines, then leave the attribute null in the Mass Edit window.

    Do share your feedback and inputs on the article and suggestions should you have any for other ideas on articles.



    • Ramesh Radhakrishnan

      Good Note Ashok.. thanks for posting!!

    • Nishanth B Jain

      Very Usefull

    • Sridhar Tumati

      Hi Ashok,

      Thanks for Sharing the information.It is very useful.



    • Alan

      Hi Ashok,

      With regards to "Optionally, click on the line selector next to the table heading Line, to select all lines of the table automatically.", are there plans to make this more visible or consider adding a checkbox instead of just being a blank space. It took us going to Oracle Open World and asking how to select all Line Items before we realized that was a clickable field. If this was more of a checkbox or somehow highlighted field, it would have been easier for users to figure this out by themselves instead of being told that the functionality was available from the beginning. 

      I really hope that Oracle starts to think of ways to make the user experience easier and more efficient going forward.



    • Ashok

      Hi Alan

      We are reviewing it, considering some options - perhaps a tool tip or some sort of action that is a bit more apparent. No proposal or timelines as yet. We will revert if we decide to pursue one.



    • Anand Kand

      This is an excellent post. Thank you for sharing, Ashok. One of the things I was looking for in my current engagement.

    • Ashok

      Always good to hear feedback. Much appreciated.

    • Alan

      @Ashok, has there been any updates to make the "Line Selector" box more visible? I think the biggest issue is that no one knows to click that because its just a blank white rectangular box with nothing there to indicate that it is technically a "Select All" box.